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Gift Cards & Credit App

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We've got a card that's a perfect gift you can build on!

A Castle gift card says even more. A Castle gift card speaks to the future. To dreams. To projects yet undone. Repair. Replace. Renew. Everything's possible with a Castle gift card.

Visit us today. It's the perfect wedding, birthday, graduation, Mother's Day, Father's Day gift - for anyone, any time.

You supply the dream. We'll supply the card.

We carry cards for contractors as well as consumers.

There's a card that's right for you! Apply for credit today! It's easy as 1, 2, 3. Put your project on a Castle credit card...

Credit Card Application Form

  1. Click on the credit application of your choice.
  2. Print out the application form.
  3. FAX-BACK your completed form to Wood Works of Renfrew or bring it in-store.

We have so many options for you to get started! Come talk to us about setting up a project specific House Account for your project, or set up a Contractor Account.

Your information will be kept confidential. Please print clearly.

Download our app today!

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